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Leaders in Education Conference
May 11th, 2018.
7:45 AM to 4:00 PM
Sheraton Springfield, 1 Monarch Place Hotel, Springfield
Emily Fitzgerald (Efitzgerald@valleyopp.com)

Leaders in Education Conference

When: Friday, May 11, 2018
Where: Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel
1 Monarch Place, Springfield, MA
*Validated Parking in the Sheraton Parking Garage
91 North and 91 South Lots*
Cost: $75.00 (Includes breakfast, lunch and validated parking)

Morning Session Topics

M1—Working With Multi-Stressed Families

Jeanine Fitzgerald, The Fitzgerald Institute

In today’s world, there are three types of situations we need to be prepared to work with: achieving outcomes in distressed families, sustaining competence in families experiencing stress, and helping families recover from traumatic events. While all families experience stress, ongoing or chronic distress erodes the family system in ways that lead to “the ecology of despair.” This workshop examines ways to conquer the greatest of adversities.

M2—Considering the Dual Language Learner's Social Emotional Needs
Marcela M. Simpson, M.Ed, Innovative Foundations for Early Childhood Education

During this workshop session we will discuss how the needs of dual language learners are complex, and how it is important to consider their language and social emotional development. Through hands-on activities, case studies and shared experiences, participants will identify strategies for creating a supportive and stimulating classroom environment that promotes the emotional well-being of the Dual Language Learner.
M3—Engaging Fathers / Male Caregivers in the Education of Children
John Engel, Executive Director, MERGE for Equality

While there are no fatherless children, fathers, male caregivers, and male teachers are largely underrepresented, absent or invisible in schools, a circumstance that is detrimental to the learning and development of young children. In this workshop, we will explore the trends, benefits and barriers associated with father / male caregiver engagement, as well as strategies that both improve father engagement and promote the learning and development of children. Learning outcomes include the ability of participants to: Examine how our personal father / male caregiver experience informs our professional father / male caregiver experience. Reflect on trends, benefits of, and barriers to father / male caregiver engagement. Create a learning environment, which promotes father / male caregiver engagement in the school and classroom.

Afternoon Session Topics

A1—Reaching the Seemingly Unreachable

Jeanine Fitzgerald, The Fitzgerald Institute

According to the American Medical Association, this generation of children has the highest rate of diagnoses and prescribed medications, food allergies, autoimmune diseases and learning challenges ever recorded. Many believe children have changed, yet it appears that children have not changed, but childhood has in response to the changes in our culture. At some point, the stakes became dangerously high and more children now live childhoods with unnecessary stress. Since all humans adapt in ways that protect them and ensure their survival, these reactions are strictly defensive. Often what adults label as defiant, aggressive, mean, impulsive, or something else, the children view as a way to deal with the stressors or distress in their life or a way to resolve an unsolved problem. Instead of viewing the children or their behavior as the problem, we must recognize they have had accomplices. This session offers field-tested approaches that support children as they move beyond survival.

A2—The Art of Tinkering
Marcela M. Simpson, M. Ed, Innovative Foundations for Early Childhood Education

Tinkering is an active process - it is all about doing, discovering, and creating. In recent years, the “maker/tinker movement,” of using our hands to invent, create, and use new tools and technologies has bubbled up in schools, libraries, and communities across the globe. During this workshop participants will learn how tinkering encourages children to use their senses, tools and skills to investigate, understand, and even change their world. Participants will become avid tinkerers as they explore a Tinker Kit and its Educators’ Guide from the Boston Children’s Museum.
A3—Developing Healthy Boys
James Arana, Senior Trainer, MERGE for Equality

The Developing Healthy Boys workshop is about male gender socialization and the strategies and skills for promoting healthy gender development for boys. This highly participatory workshop uses personal reflection and dialogue to promote the ability of participants to: Examine the process of male socialization, including its impacts on children, adults, families and communities Reflect on ways that male socialization contributes to cycles of trauma, violence, racism and homophobia Create a learning environment, which promotes healthy gender development for boys, and by extension - all children

CEU Track

C1 —Leadership For the Early Childhood Educator (Must attend both morning & afternoon sessions)
Keira Durrett, Director, Williston Northampton Children’s Center

Many of us come to a leadership role without having any formal training. Come join us to explore how we can use our skills to be great leaders. Whether you are supervising interns or assistant teachers, leading a group of children or have goals to become a Lead Teacher, Director or an early childhood advocate statewide, we will discover what leadership means. We'll talk about how to communicate with peers who you now need to supervise and relationships with parents in your new leadership role. We will use self-reflection as a tool to investigate what skills we need, what we already have and how to fine tune these into leadership skills.

QRIS Alignment: Leadership, Management and Administration
Core Competency: 8. Professionalism and Leadership
Credits: 0 .5 CEU

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This conference is supported with funding from the Springfield Cooperative Preschool.